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Sustainable Travel Films

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Our recent project A2B ‘Think Outside The Metal Box’ to promote sustainable travel for young people was announced as a runner up in the Modeshift LA initiated project of the year, 2012. Well done to all the year 10 pupils as Walsall Academy who worked with us on the project.

Every year at the national convention, Modeshift recognises Local Authorities, schools and its partners. The awards are designed to acknowledge those who have developed and / or implemented exceptional, unique and effective schemes, resources, programmes and activities.Image

‘There was a real buzz at the conference around lots of different initiatives and we received some really good feedback and excellent comments about the DVD and the process of engaging with the pupils during the evening’s award ceremony’ Jacqui Miller – Centro

See the films on You Tube

The project was managed by Walsall Council Creative Development Team and Funded by Centro.


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