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New ACCESS project kicks off for Centro

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The first workshops at Walsall Academy kicked off last Thursday. We’re making a project with groups who have special needs about using public transport. A potentially dry subject admittedly but the enthusiasm and the passion of the two groups will help us make something special. We worked previously with Centro to create a whole group of films about sustainable transport for young people – Think Outside the Metal Box and these went really well.

At the college we had an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Staff and students were very happy and Rick found it exhilarating to work with a group  he’d not worked with before – deaf students from the Deaf Academy, arranged by Louise Timms. People had a go with the camera – interviewing and making up the questions. Lots of ideas came pouring out – about how to improve the service. Lots of smiley faces, and the group even taught Julia and Rick some sign language e.g. “Roll, Camera, Action.”

In the afternoon we had a two hour session with the SSLD group at the college, arranged by Dave Norchi. This group was larger and really enthusiastic too, and together we came up with some really strong dramatic scenes that addressed issues about travelling on public transport. We also talked about the best wide shot, long shot, medium shot and close up for each scene – and created a tagline for each mini-drama’ too.

So both groups were really buzzing by the end of the workshops. Lots of ideas. Next week Therese Collins joins Rick so that’ll be fun.

There’ll be three more sessions with each group and then we’ll start putting the script together. Student from the groups will have the opportunity to be involved in front of camera but also behind the scenes too. We want the process to be engaging, educational and alot of fun for everyone.


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