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Lots of press for new Catcher Media Social film


In the run-up to the film premiere at Borderlines Film Festival on 11th March , Chewing The Cud from our sister organisation Catcher media Social CIC has received lots of attention from the press.

13/2/14   Hereford Times – Lovely article on the front page of the Farming section

24/2/14  BBC Midlands Today 6.30pm Rick Goldsmith from Catcher Media Social appear to talk about the film premiere, with a clip from the film

26/2/14 BBC Radio 4, Midweek, 9am David Probert, poultry auctioneer, one of our interviewees will join Libby Purves and other guests to talk agriculture, Chewing The Cud and Borderlines Film festival.

11/3/14  BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio – interview with members of the team and audio clips from the film being played throughout the breakfast show.


2 thoughts on “Lots of press for new Catcher Media Social film

  1. It’s not a problem – the interview went well (I think!) and Satnam Rana the interviewer said that the item will air any time between Tuesday morning and Friday, when the film festival starts – she said she’ll let us know when it’s shown, and we’ll pass on the info.

  2. Read this just as BBC Midlands Today started but I’m in the wrong place to watch – I get London – and will have to watch it on iPlayer later. Hope it went well

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